All Aboard

Last week, I attended a social media workshop at a writer’s conference.  As the twenty-something speaker emphasized the necessity of an on-line presence, an old codger (and I use this word reverentially) raised his hand.  “What if you’re too old to catch that train?”

 “You’re never too old,” the leader quipped, “my grandmother is on Facebook!”  The man shook his head and coughed, “Maybe I prefer to be left at the station.”  And I have to say that I know how he feels.  Years ago, I was the last of my friends to buy a CD.  I still fondly recall cameras with film.  And I don’t own an iphone, an ipod, an ipad, or an imax (oh wait, that’s a theater).

Still, with a book coming out in the fall, I have no choice but to get on board.  And so I’m learning how to navigate the brave new world of social media.  To my surprise, it’s exciting, invigorating, even amazing.  People around the globe are connecting in many healthy and therapeutic ways.

I know that another train will come along in just a few years — change is inevitable.  While there are times when I feel tempted to sit in the station, for now I say, “All aboard.”

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