Beautiful Death

My dear friend’s mother died recently.  Helen was 88 years old and had been sick with kidney disease for 3 years.  Her decline was not quick or pretty.  And yet, her dying had a certain beauty to it . . . a peaceful acceptance . . . a surrendered willingness.I attended an intimate ceremony this week celebrating the release of Helen’s spirit.  It wasn’t a memorial service or funeral in the traditional sense.  It was more of a spiritual send-off, a loving support of her transition to a nonphysical existence.Martha spoke about her mother’s final months.  She shared with us Helen’s mantra: “I only want to know the peace of God.  God’s peace is all that I want.”  As Helen shed her attachment to the world of form, she became calmly focused on a goal that most of us miss in the busyness of our daily lives.I’ve heard that a dying person can become radiant as they prepare to leave this earth.  Helen did.  Her passing reminded me how simple and blissful the death of a body can be when it occurs without resistance or struggle.  From what I’ve seen, it can indeed be the most natural transition of our lives . . . even the most beautiful.To receive Ashley’s weekly blog via email Click

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful Death


    It is the resistance that brings all the suffering. So true in almost everything we do…sweet preparation for the final acceptance of death? Thank you!

  2. admin

    You’re welcome! Yes, resistance is the biggest cause of all suffering. It merely adds a new layer of difficulty on top of the circumstances. Thanks for your comment.

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