Free Birds

I recently had the pleasure of running into an old friend.  We were casually chatting, catching up on life’s adventures, when she mentioned that her youngest son had gone off to college last fall.  “Oh,” I surmised, “You’re an empty nester now.”  She corrected me, “No, we’re free birds.”Ahhhhh, the power of words!  They not only create an image but actually mold our experience.  More than just PR spin, words matter:  ’empty nest’ connotes visions of cold and lonely nights . . . but ‘free birds’, well, that inspires liberation and delicious fun.  Would you rather be hunkered down in an empty nest or flying free?How we talk about situations, especially our life transitions, has the power to subtly influence our perspectives.  I know that when I went through my divorce, some people suggested that the transition must be horrible, catastrophic, horrendous, and a nightmare.  I chose to see the situation as sad but necessary, full of hope and possibility.  This made a huge difference.I believe that the words we use to describe our situations shape our minds (a kind of brain washing) that actually determines how we move forward.  I try every day to eliminate dramatically negative words from my repertoire because I know that they weigh me down.  In their place, I try to substitute more uplifting words.  I’m finding that in doing so, I feel a little lighter . . . a little sunnier . . . a little more like a free bird.To receive Ashley’s weekly blog every Friday via email Click Here

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2 thoughts on “Free Birds

  1. t33thman

    I am currently in process of divorce, my wife having moved out in Sept. At first, all I felt was sadness, frustration, perplexity and some anger. Gradually, I found myself experiencing more times of lightness-of-spirit which I celebrated, not denying the other feelings but also not empowering them. Despite escalating anger coming toward me, I celebrate my healing process and the experience of consciously shaping my inner life and the remembering of my worth and personal power.

  2. Ashley

    Thanks for your comment Peter! You sound quite grounded through the process. Your inner work is paying off! Language indeed creates a prism through which all situations are viewed. Thanks for sharing.

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