If the Shoe Fits

My shoes don’t fit.  I don’t get it . . . shoes that fit me last spring are suddenly too short.  Being already on the verge of clown-sized feet, I’m the last person in the world who needed to up my shoe size.  Sure, I have experienced pants not fitting from year to year, or after a little too much holiday cheer, but come on . . . shoes?Which reminds me – there’ve been a few other obvious physical changes lately as well.  I can’t read without glasses anymore.  And over Easter weekend, my daughter pulled three white hairs right out of my head (ouch).  I won’t even mention the effects of gravity over time.  Yes, there’s no denying it, my body is shifting, changing, and refusing to stay as is.Meanwhile, I’m watching my teen daughters’ bodies change at a rate even faster than my own.  They definitely can’t fit in the same shoes (or anything) from last spring.  I often forget that the vessel that is my body, the good ship carrying me through my lifetime, is always changing and always has.  I don’t even have the same cells today that I had seven years ago (neither do you)!I know this shell of a body will eventually be discarded.  In the end, its short lived youthfulness pales in comparison to the staying power of love and spirit.  So, I don’t spend too much time moaning or complaining about the inevitable aging process.  I watch with curiosity and, today, I accept my new, larger feet, using them as a necessary excuse to go – where else — shoe shopping!To receive Ashley’s weekly blog every Friday via email Click Herewww.ashleydavisbush.com

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