Requiem . . . Latin for “rest.”  It comforts me to imagine a resting place of heavenly peace for all those whom we have loved and lost;  a place where they are granted a peace so sublime that there is no fear, no anxiety, no depression, no pain, no financial woes, no worries.  In this place there is an abiding peace that passeth all understanding.

From the “Pie Jesu” of Faure’s Requiem Mass I sing these words: “O blessed Jesus, in thy mercy grant them rest, grant them everlasting rest.”  When I sing, I imagine the spirits of so many who have departed this world.  I think of the loved ones of my clients.  I think of the people I read about in the newspapers.  I think of friends and relatives that have come and gone on the planet.

When I imagine my loved ones at rest, I think of them as vibrant and happy.  I imagine them freed from the confines of their worldly circumstances.  

Death may seem scary, but Rest seems quite wonderful.  May all our dear ones who are no longer on this planet rest in the deepest peace.

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