Roads not Taken

I recently had a SMM (Seasonal Meal with Mom) with my daughter Victoria.  As we listened to mariachi music, she looked intently into my eyes and asked, “Mom, would you change anything about your past if you had your life to live over?”

I was shocked!  Normally we discuss school, friends, and any probing questions that I dare to ask.  I am rarely on the receiving end of such provocative inquiry.  I love a thought provoking question.

Hmmmm.  Was I curious about roads not taken?  Yes.  How might life have unfolded if I had chosen another college, the other job, a different first husband?  Are there times when I wish my speech or actions might have been kinder and more skillful?  Definitely.

Still, every experience I’ve ever had has brought forth the sum total of me and my life today.  The truth is that I wouldn’t change a single moment.  My hope is that Victoria will rest in mid-life with a similar feeling of content.  Maybe one day she will answer such a question from her own daughter, saying, “I wouldn’t change a thing.”

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One thought on “Roads not Taken

  1. dmurgido

    I often think about that very thing and wonder where I would have ended up and with whom. It is amazing how most of us would not change a thing and are happy with the way our paths have taken us and with whom. Life is defined in moments and choices we make.

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