Will Your Future Self Thank You?

If you look in the mirror, you will see the future self that your past self might have imagined.  Here you are.  Your today-self is the result of all the thoughts and behaviors of your past-self.  Your future self will emerge from the thoughts and behaviors of today.  

I recently heard the Buddhist author and spiritual teacher, Pema Chodron, talking about how you need to train your mind now to effect the habits and propensities of your future.  If you strengthen anger or laziness now, that is the future self you create.  If you strengthen patience and kindness now, that is the future self you create.

As I was at the gym, (an activity that I notoriously dislike), it occurred to me that I was exercising for my future self.  I just can’t find the fun in exercise even though I know it is good for me.  But, when I bring my future self into the mix, I am able to tolerate the experience and show up week after week . . . for her sake.

I know that my future self will have a stronger lower back and more energy if my today-self engages with weights and stretching.  And so, I’m doing it.  I can’t wait to look that future self in the mirror, year after year, and recognize the results of what I am doing for her today.  I think she’ll be grateful.

What will your future self think?

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