Will Your Future Self Thank You?

A miracle has occurred in my life.  After many years of eschewing rigorous exercise, I am now involved in a sport.  I’m celebrating three months of regular participation in the high intensity, constantly varied, functional sport  known as Crossfit.  Believe me when I tell you that walking on water or parting the red sea would be no more miraculous than Ashley Bush exercising.

How did this amazing development occur?  My husband led the way and my future self held my hand.  That is, I began  a relationship with my future self and I could see her as weak, sickly, and stiff.  I decided to help her out.

When I face the discomfort of pushing myself at the gym, I know that my healthier, stronger future self is thanking me.  When I face my anxious thoughts in meditation, I know that my future more peaceful self is thanking me.  When I stop my complaining and instead cultivate gratitude for my life, I know that my more content future self is thanking me.

In this season of Thanksgiving, look to see if your future self will be grateful to your current self.  Right now, you have the opportunity to lay the groundwork for your future health and happiness.  Your physical, emotional and spiritual self of tomorrow depends on the the choices that you make today.   Will your future self be grateful?  I know my future self is still shaking her head in awe that she can walk upstairs without getting winded – thanks to a miracle in 2014.


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