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  • Freeze Frame

    Trigger: All beverage breaks.  Tool:  As you take your first sip of a beverage, STOP for a moment, take a deep breath, freeze the frame (make a mental or audible camera-‘click’ sound) and think, “Life is good.”  Create the habit… Continue Reading →

  • 6 Simple Shortcuts for Stress-Relief – Working

    Has your vacation come and gone?  Does working 9-5 cramp your style? No worries.  These easy well-being exercises are linked to ordinary workday activities.  They’re simple to implement – and so effective in improving your mood, redirecting your thoughts, and reducing… Continue Reading →

  • Stop, Drop and Roll

     When to use it: When you’re at a red light.  This exercise is also great however, whenever you’re in a crowd, such as in an airport, on public transportation, or in a store. The Shortcut:  When at a red light,… Continue Reading →

  • How Low Can You Go

    When to use it: This shortcut is designed to relieve tension.  It can be used during normal activities such as when driving and when watching television or during times of high stress such as before making a presentation or before discussing grades or other ‘fun’… Continue Reading →

  • Go With the Flow

    Trigger:  When you wash your hands.  Tool:  Whenever you’re at a sink and touch water, let the stream of liquid cue you to say to yourself “Go with the Flow” or “I trust the Universe” or “Everything is as it should… Continue Reading →

  • Ring My Bell

    Trigger: when you transition between daily events, such as before meals or before you start a project  Prop: a bell, a singing bowl, a chime Tool:  ring your bell, or sound your chime.  As you do, close your eyes and… Continue Reading →

  • Take 5

    Trigger:  When you feel stressed (as needed) Tool: Breathe in through your nose to the mental count of 5.  Feel the air as it comes through your nose and expands into your lungs.  Hold your breath to the mental count… Continue Reading →

  • You Can Say That Again

    Trigger:  When you find yourself thinking or speaking negatively. Tool:  Repeat a positive phrase (or word) while breathing deeply.  For added focus, experiment with closing your eyes and/or saying the words out loud.  Repeat your ‘mantra’ over and over, letting it… Continue Reading →

  • Bon Voyage

    Trigger: When you’re washing your hair. Tool: Pour the shampoo in your hand and sniff the aroma. Close your eyes and inhale deeply.  As you lather your hair, imagine yourself in a wonderfully pleasant faraway place.  Maybe the fusion of… Continue Reading →

  • Outstanding

    Trigger: Whenever someone asks, “How are you?” Tool: Most people expect the standard answer of “Fine”.  Instead, try answering with a “Fantastic,” “Outstanding,” “Superb,” or “Awesome.” It doesn’t matter if these superlatives don’t actually match your current mood. Focus on… Continue Reading →

  • Rest in Peace

    Trigger: When your head rests on the pillow at night. Tool: As you are in bed starting to fall asleep, review your day and list three things that happened for which you are grateful. Don’t just vaguely remember each instance,… Continue Reading →

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