Trigger: Whenever someone asks, “How are you?”

Tool: Most people expect the standard answer of “Fine”.  Instead, try answering with a “Fantastic,” “Outstanding,” “Superb,” or “Awesome.” It doesn’t matter if these superlatives don’t actually match your current mood. Focus on simple basics in your life that you can truly appreciate—like good health, a sunny day, safe children, living in a non-war-torn country. Answer the question with a descriptive stronger than “Fine” and notice another person’s response. Watch how your mood begins to shift as well.

Purpose: When you find small ways to be grateful, you train your mind to focus on life as a daily gift and you spread that awareness to others. Using these turbo-charged “happy” words creates an opening in your life for more optimism and gratitude.  Watch – it will improve your mood and the mood of others around you.

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