You Can Say That Again

Trigger:  When you find yourself thinking or speaking negatively.

Tool:  Repeat a positive phrase (or word) while breathing deeply.  For added focus, experiment with closing your eyes and/or saying the words out loud.  Repeat your ‘mantra’ over and over, letting it sink in.  For some, quick repetitions work well; for others, try long spaced out ‘chanting.’  Post your phrase on your desk as a reminder to use this tool.  Some suggested phrases to use are “Let go”, “Calming my mind, I relax”, “Trust”, “Everything is as it should be”, “Peace”, “Joy”, “Om”, “I am peaceful”, “This too shall pass ”,  “I forgive,”, “I accept ‘what is’” . . . . or . . . “The Sun’ll come out tomorrow.”

My favorite musical when I was a little girl was “Annie.”  I don’t know why, but I was captivated by that red headed, doggedly optimistic orphan “Annie”.  And the songs were so . . . . so singable.  I used to listen to the record album over and over again.  Imagine how exciting for me when, as a teenager, my family went to New York City for Thanksgiving and we got to see “Annie” on Broadway!

Since then I’ve even had the thrilling pleasure of participating in a community theater production of the musical.  I think it’s fair to say that I love “Annie”!  Why?  I think I’m attracted to that little red headed girl’s spunky spirit.  Consider that Annie is an orphan during the Great Depression.  She’s persecuted by the orphanage matron Miss Hannigan, and eventually gets scammed and kidnapped (talk about stress!).  Still, she maintains an optimistic attitude, which she even uses to inspire President Franklin D. Roosevelt himself.

Annie had the habit of using positive expressions (the sun’ll come out tomorrow, you’re never fully dressed without a smile) and she kept repeating them.  You could say that she lived by them.  In fact, most of us live by certain repeated messages that loop through our conscious and unconscious minds all the time.  Unfortunately, most of them are negative, such as ‘I’ll never have enough money.’  ‘I can’t do anything right,’  ‘Life is hard,’  ‘It’s a dog eat dog world out there.’  Sound familiar?

This shortcut is designed to give your mind some new food for thought.  Repetition conditions and shapes thought patterns.  Furthermore, repeating certain words and phrases has the power to actually change your behaviors (think the little engine who ‘thought he could’ get up the mountain and then did).  Why not repeat and savor words that lift you, inspire you, and calm you?  Get in the habit of using this tool throughout the day and watch yourself live into those qualities.  You will create a ripple effect throughout your life that will astound you.

Purpose:  Negativity is stress to the body and mind.  This Shortcut helps us to let go of negativity by redirecting our thoughts and gently shaping ourselves and our days into a more peaceful state.

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