A Moment in Nature that Lingers Still

This blog was selected as one of the top finalists in the 2010 RDC “Earth Day” contest.

I’m not going to tell you about being awestruck by the northern lights on a warm Alaskan night or of side-stepping a horned toad on a dusty Texas trail (neither of which I’ve done).  Nor am I going to tell you about breathlessly watching a star fall in the inky sky or of falling to my knees in wonder to examine a wildflower (both of which I’ve done).

Rather, I’m going to tell you about the first time I heard a particular lonesome call across a New Hampshire lake.  It penetrated my being.  The sound pierced me with its haunting refrain, touching my soul so thoroughly that I opened to its resonance.   I stayed up for hours listening.  That night, I experienced an imprint of deep inner peace that lingers with me still. 

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