At the Edge

Uncertainty is in the air in my house.  Out of our five children, four of them will be attending new schools next year.  The amazing thing is that we have no idea what schools.  What college, what high schools, what elementary school?  We’ve pretty much got the educational span covered.Not only are Dan and I learning to tolerate the uncertainty, but we’re watching our children tolerate the unknown as well.  Their responses range from calm acceptance to the tearful exclamation, “leave me alone – I don’t know where I’m going!”Do any of us actually know where we’re going?  We may think we do, but then life has a way of throwing us curve balls.  Learning to manage uncertainty – and trusting in the adventure of it – is a skill that goes way beyond changing schools.I watch my children on the precipice of change, waiting to see what choices will present themselves.  Smiling quietly, it occurs to me that every day we stand poised at the edge of the unknown.  This moment, without fail, carries us boldly into the next.To receive Ashley’s weekly blog via email Click

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