Endings and Beginnings

There is some sadness in ‘ending’ my monthly newsletter, even as there is excitement about ‘beginning’ a briefer, more regular correspondence.  With change there is an end.  And endings, by their nature, are poignant.

Perhaps you are experiencing your own endings . . . children graduated from school, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, a move.  Perhaps you just finished a wonderful vacation.  Or perhaps you’re simply aware that summer’s end hovers on the horizon.

Endings must be acknowledged and honored.  You can’t really make space for the new until you fully acknowledge what you’ve lost.

But the good news is that with every ending arises something new.  Even if you can’t see it just yet, embedded within each ending is a new beginning .  So allow yourself to grieve even as you open to the emergence of something new.  Be grateful for the ways in which change brings constant recalibration into your life.

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