In Sickness and in Health

“I vow to love and honor you in sickness and in health.”  I blinked back tears as Dan and I watched the lovebirds celebrate their new year’s wedding.  And then, just as I was launching my own new year . . . I got sick.

Not terribly sick, but a monstrous head cold that has sapped the energy out of my first week of 2011.  I’m not a nice convalescent, I admit it.  I lament and moan and throw tissues on the floor like a big ol’ baby.  I sink into a pit of mucus-induced despair.

As I lay in bed, ruminating about why my year would begin so inauspiciously, I searched for the lesson.  Surrender and acceptance were obvious — challenging but obvious.  Then it hit me . . . . gratitude.  So I began to list my immediate blessings:  a soft, warm bed, the many wonders of modern drugs, my doting husband, and the hope of a full recovery.

Gratitude is perhaps one of my most powerful antidotes.  It has shifted me out of my pity party and into a realm of peacefulness.  As I move into the new year, I vow to be grateful in sickness and in health.

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2 thoughts on “In Sickness and in Health

  1. peter

    Blessings to you, Ashley. When I am laid low I am grateful that most of the time I feel so good– and I also feel compassion for those who don’t feel strong and energetic most of the time. I have come to accept that when I am stricken, it is often a sign from my body to slow down and take a step back from busyness for a day or two.
    Happy New Year, Peter

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