In the Valley

“What’s new?”  my friend asked.  “Nothing much” I answered.  And then I realized how very true that was for me.  After several years of major NEW (new home, new husband, new office, new family members), suddenly everything is notably not new.

You could say I’m in the valley between mountains of change.  It’s restful but, to be honest, time in the valley feels a little boring at first.  Even as major transitions are exhilarating, these steady, calm days — one resembling the next — can be a yawn.

Still, this valley has an undeniable peace to it.  It offers a resting place to gather my strength.  Valley time has a relaxed pace to it that allows me to really appreciate the details of life.  Yes, there is the illusion of sameness and it can feel predictable but, to catch my breath . . . what a luxury.

Ahhhh . . . so I just enjoy the steady rhythm of life’s little joys knowing that this pace surely won’t last forever.  In fact, I keep my mountain climbing shoes ready in the corner.  In the meantime, I’m starting to like it here, down in the valley.

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2 thoughts on “In the Valley

  1. Bookndz

    I truly enjoyed this entry, Ashely. I have recently come down into “the valley” after moving halfway across the country. 3 years later, settled into our new house and community, I have established a network of other writers and mothers with whom I have strong friendships. Things feel good, but quiet at times. I am learning to appreciate and value this down time. We are all in a state of becoming. When the dust settles after a move or life change, having time to reflect on those changes is a tremendous gift.

    Thank you, Ashley!

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