Pioneer Spirit

Would you believe that exactly 230 years ago, my great-great-great-great grandmother traveled from East Tennessee along the Cumberland River to help establish Nashville?  For 6 months, she endured harsh conditions, wild adventures, and Indian attacks.  My mother brought this odyssey to life in her novel Perilous Journey.

I’ve been thinking of my intrepid ancestor a lot lately as I find myself in frightening new territory.  Deep in the heart of cyberspace lies the brave new world of social media networking.  True, it doesn’t involve mortal combat or sleeping with a rifle by my side but, still, it does feel daunting.

In order to stay current in my profession and as an author, I need to be savvy on a host of interactive sites.  Being a techno-phobe, I have been dragged to my computer kicking and screaming.  Wasn’t email enough?  Now it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flikr, FiledBy, Manta, Bebo — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Oy.  My revolutionary granny would be unimpressed by my reticence in the face of this transition.  There must be some scrap of adventure still coursing through my veins.  And so I sit at my desk daring to explore new lands . . . catching the pioneer spirit . . . yee-haw!

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