Really Different

For 3 decades, he had two waist-length signature braids and then . . . snip . . . they were gone.  It has been heralded as “the haircut heard around the world”.  Why?  Who?  Willie Nelson, of course.  I grew up in Texas where he was an icon.  For all of us, those braids were his identity.

I thought of him this week as I sat down with a new hair stylist.  As I explained how I wanted a trim, this young and exuberant woman said, “How ‘bout some highlights, a hair extension, bangs, something really different?”  Gulp.

She told me that she changes her own color, style, and length on a regular basis.  Hmmmm.  I’ve had the same hair style for like . . . oh I don’t know . . . 3 decades.  I’ve had shoulder-length, long, red layers for so long that it feels like me, my identity.

But of course, I am more than my hair.  Willie is more than his braids.  Maybe the people who constantly reinvent themselves with new looks understand that their identities lie far deeper than their current ‘locks’.  Who knows, maybe next time I will do something really different.

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2 thoughts on “Really Different

  1. peter

    The message I hear is that transitions occur in small steps and the courage or drive to take a small step opens up a path. Today I am interviewing a house cleaner. I accept that I do not want to invest my time in cleaning my house, that disorder is an energy drain and I CAN let go of the prideful part of me that says I SHOULD be able to do it all. Plus I will be providing an opportunity for someone to bless me and for me to return the blessing of employment. Hey, I feel better already!

  2. admin

    Yeah Peter! Sometimes we have to transition our thoughts about what kind of help we need. Sounds like you’ve got a win-win on your hands. Cheers, Ashley

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