Thawing the Frozen Heart

After your heart is broken, what happens?  The natural reaction is to shut down, contract, and protect the remaining shards.  In fact, for many people, after experiencing the searing pain of loss, their hearts begin to freeze over.  Eternal winter.

Unfortunately, living with a frozen heart is only half living.  The truth is that life only becomes rich and meaningful when the heart is warm, open, and expansive.  But how do you thaw a frozen heart?

Try this exercise.  Place your hand over your heart and breathe deeply.  This simple gesture activates the parasympathetic nervous system (our calming mechanism) and also stimulates oxytocin (our bonding hormone).  Next, while still keeping your hand over your heart, imagine a scene in which you were happy and feeling full of love.  Notice how it feels in your body.  Summon, expand, and absorb the feeling of love within you.

Thawing the frozen heart doesn’t happen in a single instant.  It happens by degrees and with intention.  Let spring into your heart, bit by bit, so that beauty and love can begin to grow once again. 

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One thought on “Thawing the Frozen Heart

  1. Randy

    this is wonderful, my girlfriend just lost her dad in march and is taking it really hard, i guess her heart is frozen and can’t feel the love for me right now

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