The Time is Now

What’s your relationship to time?  Is “time on your side” or are you “running out of time?”  Do you have “too much time on your hands” and find yourself “killing time?”  Or do you live like there’s “no time like the present?”

Whatever your relationship to time, if you are like most people, you likely live with the assumption that there will always be at least a little bit more of it.  Yet our time on this planet is finite.  This never quite hits home until we encounter the loss of a loved one.  With grief, comes the stark awareness that time does run out . . . usually when we least expect it.

Start to notice how you use, spend, and save your time.  Do you savor every moment?  Do you enjoy simple snippets of time deeply, whether you’re ‘doing’ something or doing nothing at all?  Your time is precious.  Your time is now.

by Ashley Davis Bush, LICSW

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