Claim Your Inner Grown-Up

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4 Essential Steps to Authentic Adulthood (Plume Books, 2001)

From the Back Cover
A much needed antidote to the indulgent trends of recent years. Claim Your Inner Grown-up will help us become authentic adults without losing the innocence, freedom, and wonder that are also an integral part of our psychological makeup and help make us who we are. Many books have been written about our inner child. In Claim Your Inner Grown-up, psychotherapist Ashley Davis Prend stands this cultural phenomenon on its head by offering a revolutionary four-pillar program that dares us to become adults. Claim Your Inner Grown-up shows us how we can develop and improve our lives by becoming more mature, loving, responsible, and spiritual. By incorporating the four-step DARE thought system into our lives (Detach, Aware, Reorient, Enact), we can become happier and more productive in the long term. Prend’s unique, liberating approach helps us to develop a solid sense of self without giving up the positive childlike qualities that also distinguish us as individuals. In this wise, compassionate handbook, you’ll read about: Visualization techniques, journaling suggestions, and exercise to facilitate change.

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“What a wise book! It will bring blessings to many who read it.” 
— Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People

“I bought your book [Claim Your Inner Grown-up] the day I heard you interviewed on the Diane Rehm Show. …  I’m 33, successful in my way and finally in a wonderful relationship.  But I struggle every day with the pain of my childhood.  My mother and I have a terrible relationship, and I’ve been using that as an excuse to react to all life’s challenges in a childish way.  Or so I’ve discovered since working with your book.  I’d really like to stop.”

“Recently, I read Claim Your Inner Grown-up, and found it very informative and interesting….The book does a nice job of explaining “inner child” and “inner grown-up” characteristics through life’s journey, and integrating them (Chapter 9).  Thanks for the intriguing perspective on personal development.  I enjoyed the book!”

“I have greatly enjoyed your book Claim Your Inner Grown-up.  We have a 16 year old daughter who could benefit from a warm counselor to talk through some of the great ideas in your book.”

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