Hope & Healing for Trancending Loss

Hope and Healing for Trancending Loss“Bush has created a very special tool which those recovering from loss can use daily to help themselves process the painful change that they are living through. It is a book of daily meditations for those struggling with profound loss. But don’t be deceived by the book’s familiar thought-for-the-day format. Her concise introduction to these meditations contains an astounding amount of valuable information about grieving. Contradicting many of the standard grieving myths, she isn’t sugar-coating any of it or telling readers to get over it. Instead, she tells us that the pain doesn’t stop, that there is no closure. She tells us that the goal is merging the loss into our lives and eventually transcending the pain. The 365 meditations she has put together gently take readers through the journey of getting to know grief and accept it.”
Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing Insight

When we lose someone, it’s easy to feel unmoored. We have to find a new rhythm to our days and new ways to connect to the ones we’ve lost. Ashley Davis Bush offers just that. These daily meditations offer comfort, while teaching readers how to stay connected to the deceased and how to move on living with gratitude, compassion and meaning. Universal themes are explored including the impact of loss, change, life and love. Included in the book are healing photographs from the photographer, Richard Evans. This book will be a welcome daily companion on the grief journey.

Death doesn’t end the relationship; it simply forges a new type of relationship–one based not on physical presence but on memory, spirit, and love.

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