Gratitude Glasses

It happened on the heels of a wonderful weekend away.  I had just spent four days and three nights on a spiritual retreat praying and meditating, contemplating the gifts of life.  I was aglow with gratitude.

And then, shortly after I arrived home, my beloved beagle, Copper, got into a scuffle with a skunk.  The pungent skunk smell permeated virtually every corner of my home – even the garage!  My feelings of gratitude and contentment dissipated.

I sat and thought about how I could course-correct my plummeting mood.  I was most certainly not grateful that my dog was sprayed by a skunk, but I also knew that in the midst of an overall wonderful life, I didn’t want small inconveniences to darken my perspective.  I intentionally began to redirect my thoughts with a focus on gratitude.  For example, I was grateful for the internet which provided a recipe for a skunk deodorizing bath.  And I was grateful that we had the ingredients for said bath.  I was also grateful that I personally hadn’t been sprayed. I was especially grateful that skunk smell does dissipate, eventually.

Now, a few days later, as I sit here surrounded by a faint unpleasant odor, I’m still not at all grateful that it happened.  But I am grateful for other aspects imbedded in the event.  I’m aware that while both realities are true for me, I do have control over what I focus on.  So, I reach for my virtual gratitude glasses and notice the wonder all around me come into focus.

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One thought on “Gratitude Glasses

  1. Monta

    I listened to 2 of your podcasts this morning as I was getting ready for work and I wanted to say how grateful I am for having found them. I, too, an looking at needed major changes and was feeling very low about where to go, how to go, what to do; I have an improved perspective now and am focusing on gratitude. Thank you for what you are doing.