Are You Selfish?

Recently I was at an exercise class (yes, it is a miracle that I’ve stuck with it for 6 months now!).  A woman came running in at the last minute and said, “I just had my babysitter stay later so that I could come to this class.  Does that make me a bad mom?”

Why is it that women, and men, often feel guilty for taking time to exercise, to go out with friends, to have a date with their partner, to — in short — take care of themselves?  So often we (or the people around us) see such self-care behaviors as selfish.

The truth is that when we nourish and nurture ourselves everyone benefits.  When your well runs dry, everyone you care for and support suffers. When you take the time to fill yourself with physical health, spirit, joy, playfulness, and love, your well overflows.  Then, there is much to share.

As my friend and I embarked on our afternoon fitness class, I said, “I think you’re the best mom ever.”  We both smiled.

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