Big Rocks

Most of us work part-or-full time to make a living, keep our homes, and care for our families.  Some of us even work two jobs!  But what about our hours beyond work?  How do we fill our time?  What are we choosing to do?

Do you exercise?  (or don’t you have time).  Do you relax? (or don’t you have time).  Do you and your partner go out on dates?  (or don’t you have time).  Do you meditate?  (or don’t you have time.)  Do you go out in nature?  (or don’t you have time).

The thing is, whatever you do with your time — whether you realize it or not — those are your priorities.  Stephen Covey, author and teacher, calls your highest priorities your big rocks.  And only so many rocks will fit into the jar of your life.  Is your big rock checking Facebook or spending time with family?  Is your big rock watching television or tending to your wellbeing?  

The question is, are you filling your time with your highest priorities?  NOW is a perfect moment to reflect on how you fill your jar.  Place your big rocks in first, then the pebbles.  Choose your rocks consciously.  Let your activities reflect what matters most to you.  What are the big rocks in your life?

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8 thoughts on “Big Rocks

  1. Cynjee

    Family has always been my big rock! So much so, that I passed up on a high paying job, because it meant having to move two hours away. I have never regretted my decision!

  2. Margaret

    Oh wow! When you put it that way it makes so much sense. I need to do some re-thinking for sure!! Thank you for this post!! Nothing but love <3

  3. maryanne west

    This is really important. I never feel I have any time for anything that I would like to do. Like a victim, I have allowed so much of my life go by with little pleasure and now I begin to wake. Almost 60. What have I been doing? Caring constantly for others, being responsible. How do I feel looking back.? For one thing I am uncertain that devoting oneself to caring for others should be first. I am sad that I have wasted so much life. I am confused about what life was about, why I was here in the first place. I feel almost frantic that I have so little quality time left. How can I refocus so that there is time for happy things, for caring for me as well. in the hours left? I like this idea Ashley. Thank you for simplifying and helping me to see a way to look at life..

  4. Ashley

    Dear Maryanne, This is a profound realization. I would suggest that you not waste too much time thinking about the past. It’s done and behind you. But if you can awaken at almost 60, and now spend time really choosing your big rocks, then whatever time is left to you on this planet will be amazing. Consider it a process and know that all you have is today . . . actually just this moment of today. It’s not too late to be intentional. Wishing you peace, Ashley

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