Gift of Life

Just a few years ago, mother’s day for me meant breakfast in bed, big sloppy kisses, and hand-made cards proclaiming “I love you mommy.”  Now, with a house full of teenagers, I might get a meal with them and maybe, if I’m lucky, a mumbled “happy mother’s day.”

What a tangle of emotional yarn lurks below the surface of ‘mother’s day’.  There is the garden variety feeling of loss that I experience with my own children as they enter their teen years.  But I am also keenly aware of the heartbreaking pain of other women: women who’ve given up children for adoption; women who’ve tragically outlived a child; women desperate to become mothers and women who are desperately tired of mothering.

Meanwhile, I am also aware of the men and women who have buried their mothers, of those who never quite got what they needed from their mothers, and those who have spent a lifetime resenting their mothers.  Where are the greeting cards that reflect this vast complexity of emotional possibility?

And where does that leave us?  With one universal truth – that we all came from the body of a woman.  She was mother, our gateway to earth.  No matter who we are, we can use this day to explore our deepest spiritual potential:  forgiveness for human frailties and gratitude for the gift of life.

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3 thoughts on “Gift of Life


    i was the adopted child. the child who mother was not the mother one wants . and im also the child that forgave her for all she has done wrong. thanks for the beautiful message somehow you always make me feel like your talking to me thanks vicky tremayne

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