Go With The Flow

 For our blended family, this has been a week of last minute changes.  One moment we were adding a Tuesday night to the kid’s usual schedule and the next we were subtracting a Tuesday and adding a Thursday.  Then we added a Monday, but that fell through at the last minute. 

The changes continued with kid pick-ups.  “Your sister will pick you up from your rehearsal.”  “No, wait, your brother will pick you up.”  “Nope, looks like I’m going to be picking you up after all.”  Even my own plans were unstable:  first I’m going to a concert and then I’m not and then I’m going to a rehearsal instead.  It’s been a flurry of uncertainty and trivial change.

Fortunately, I’ve developed a practice (one of my shortcuts to inner peace) of saying and feeling the words “Go with the Flow” when I wash my hands.  With each hand-washing, a gentle sentiment of acceptance is woven into my day. 

This week has offered me an unusually high number of opportunities to practice going with the flow.  My hope is to ready myself for the big challenges in my life by learning to flow easily and gracefully with the mundane, unexpected changes in my days.

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