Magic Dust

My best friend escaped into ‘Never-Never Land.’  As the role of Mrs. Darling, she spent 4 months in 40 performances of “Peter Pan in the Park.” Her days and nights were surrounded by pirates, Indians, fairies and magic dust.It became an inclusive lifestyle for her entire family . . . a summer of wonder.  Now that it’s over, they are completely bereft.  The rhythm of the week, the friendships, the starry nights, the lights, music, action – are all but a memory.I remember many such endings.  Even as a performer in high school, I was so sad when “Hello Dolly” ended that I spent the final performance on stage in tears!  Aren’t lots of ‘happy’ endings like that?  Whether it’s a wedding, a party, a fabulous project, a long anticipated reunion or vacation . . . it can be painful to see a fun time come to a close.Still, on the other side of our loss, we do encounter gratitude for our  joyful experiences.  In fact, as time goes by, our gratitude really does begin to transcend our sadness.  And often, just around the corner, we soon discover yet another source of magic dust.To receive Ashley’s weekly blog via email Click

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