Near Miss

It was late and we were driving on a narrow country road.  Victoria was looking down at her cell phone, texting.  Off to my left I saw some elaborate Halloween lights.  Suddenly blinded, I was aware of two sets of headlights coming directly toward us.

“Oh my God,” I shouted, veering to my right and pressing the horn.  The car ahead seemed to freeze and my daughter screamed.  Within a split second, the car returned to its rightful place in its own lane and I was left with a racing heart.

White knuckled, I reached over to hold my daughter’s hand.  “We’re lucky to be alive,” I said.  “That was a near miss.”  I shuddered to imagine how quickly and abruptly a life can end.

How many near misses do we have in our lives, invisible instants between safety and tragedy?  How many do we need to wake up?   For me, on this dark night, as I glanced at my beautiful daughter, I was reminded of the vital need to savor every single moment  . . . we never know which one will be our last.

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2 thoughts on “Near Miss

  1. dmurgido

    The near misses in life are all too frequent and yet most of us move on from them without learning anything from them. Life is a gift and way too short and most of us go through this life without even thinking of how precious it is with all of those that are important to us and have meaning in our lives.. My outlook on this life of mine has changed so much with the passing of my wife almost five years ago and I do my best to realize that in any instant of time, it can all go away, so I live for the moment, for the experience, for the enjoyment of what life can bring me and the love of those around me.


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