Ode to Bella

A few weeks ago I blogged about freeing my bunny, Bella.  Amazingly, for three weeks, she hung around our back yard as happy as could be.  I would feed her a daily treat, hold her in my lap and sing to her.  She grazed and roamed amongst the patches of clover.

Then one day, on my round to find Bella, I discovered that she was in the neighbor’s yard.  I brought her back, explaining to her the need to observe our ‘invisible’ fence.  The next night . . . same situation.  Finally, on the third night, I returned her to her large pen.  I rationalized that I would free her later in the summer after our vacation.

The next morning, Bella was gone . . . vanished.  Like Houdini, she had escaped yet again.  “You win,” I muttered,  “I get it.”  The thing is that this time, she didn’t hang around.  For days I’ve wandered the perimeter of our yard calling out her name, but she really is gone.

Knowing that she could disappear any day didn’t soften the blow I feel at losing her.  I miss her little gray belly and her snuggly sniff against my neck.  We had close to four years of happy times, she and I.   What a dear bunny!  I am grateful for our sweet moments and I wish her a field of dandelions as she hops on to bunny heaven.

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