Perfect Timing

I have a property for sale on the seacoast of New Hampshire and it’s supposed to be sold by now . . . at least, according to my own personal time table.  We’ve done all the right things:  fixed up the 220 year old house, made cosmetic improvements, hired a cracker-jack real estate agent, marketed and publicized.However, the Universe seems to have its own time table which, unfortunately, doesn’t coincide with mine.  I have, of course, bumped into this inconvenient truth before … many times, in fact.  Things that I think should happen quickly take their time (like getting divorced).  Things that I think should happen slowly go into fast forward (like children growing up).  Things that I don’t think should happen at all do (like going into debt), and things that I think should have happened already haven’t (like the sale of a house).But, amazingly, as I look back on all the instances of the disconnect between my expectations and reality, I have to admit that, without exception, things unfolded exactly as they needed.  Lessons in patience and perseverance have been a constant through the years.  Even when I cannot understand the grander picture, I’ve learned to trust that there is one.I hear that the housing market is rebounding (anyone looking to buy?).  Even though I occasionally wrestle with impatience and fear, in my better moments I take a deep breath, relax, and affirm that, in the end, the timing for every event will be absolutely perfect.To receive Ashley’s weekly blog every Friday via email Click Here

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