Personal Poison

For most of my life, I have eaten sugar and carbohydrates with every single meal (bread, pasta, potatoes, crackers, sweets). Honestly, I never met a carb or sugar that I didn’t like. But this has all changed recently. It began as a lark – almost a dare. I innocently tried two weeks on Phase I of the South Beach diet, which meant completely giving up sugar and yes, carbohydrates too.

My body was in a state of shock. I was in a state of shock. I stared longingly at my stash of Lindt chocolate truffles that were such a staple for me that my family had given them the affectionate name of “mommy” chocolates. I eschewed my afternoon snack of strawberry preserves on saltines with orange juice (otherwise known as sugar on carb with more sugar) for cottage cheese and sugar-free jello. I missed my comfort foods but grudgingly, I had to acknowledge the most amazing changes: I had more energy, no fatigue crashes, and smooth-as-silk temperament all day long.

Upon doing some internet research and a little more diet experimentation, I concluded that I was hypoglycemic (which I’ve always suspected, it’s just that I had treated the disorder with daily doses of peanut m&m’s). Turns out that pure sugar and processed carbs were like poison to my body. Poison! So, the solution of choice has been for me to say ‘adios’ to my old friends.

This transition has not been an easy one. Old habits die hard . . . not to mention that there is temptation at every turn, beckoning me to the land of sweets. But I have seen the light. Sugar has an extremely steep price tag for my mind and body and so on most days, I choose to feel good. My new friends (nuts, cheese sticks, and protein bars) aren’t so bad afterall. So, believe it or not, this Halloween, for the first time ever, I won’t be sneaking the Kit Kat bars from my children’s candy buckets!

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