Shall We Dance?

My daughter Victoria has just turned 13.  There are now 4 teenagers in my household – 3 of whom are female. Unbelievable!  Can you imagine such a concentration of hormones under one roof?I have a friend who long ago warned me that the moment children blow out the candles on their 13th birthdays they are instantly inhabited by an alien life-force.  This other-worldly invader will control your children for the next seven or so years.Yes, I have seen alien-like behaviors and wondered ‘who are you?’  But what I most notice is a kind of concentration of transitional energy.  One moment they are young women, the next children.  One moment they pull as far away as possible, preoccupied with their friends and interests, and the next moment they want you to tuck them in and sing a bedtime song.  They throw tantrums.  They give hugs.  They leave.  They return.I call this daily dance “the teen two-step,” remembering my own dance into adulthood: slow, fast, forward, backward.  Somehow we all survive adolescence – parents and teens alike – sometimes fighting the tempo and finally accepting, breathing deeply, and then letting go.  In the meantime, I approach the floor . . . “Shall we dance?”To receive Ashley’s weekly blog every Friday via email Click Herewww.ashleydavisbush.comBlog Ratings

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