Sleeps Seven

On any given evening, I might have 5 kids, 3 kids, 2 kids, or no kids sleeping in my home.  That’s how it is to live in our blended family.  Each of these four potential arrangements has such a different energy, such a unique dynamic that it’s almost like having four separate homes in one.No single pattern lasts more than 5 days so that I have the ‘opportunity’ to transition on a regular basis.  I often feel that I shift back and forth between them so quickly, so frequently that I’m like a clown caught in an ongoing juggling act . . . an air traffic controller negotiating a seven-person-color-coded-six-month-in-advance navigation system.The most obvious, dramatic and sometimes difficult shifts are going from kids (however many) to ‘adults only’ and back again.  Over time, I’ve found that a brief transition ritual helps smooth down the edges between these two worlds.  One ritual involves a candle and incense ceremony and the other involves a song and dance (guess which causes the song and dance celebration!).When I’m overwhelmed by the balancing act, I remind myself that “this too shall pass.”  In a few years, actually, these multiple transitions and schedules will be a distant memory, a dream.  One day I will miss the density of people, the habits, struggles, and joys of so many people under one roof.  Each of the dynamics offers unique blessings . . . so for now, I try to appreciate the way things are, maintain an open heart, and revel in the question of the day, “Who’s sleeping here tonight?”To receive Ashley’s weekly blog every Friday via email Click Here

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