Time to Bloom

She walked to the front of the room and slid a daisy into the vase.  Speaking softly, almost as if to the flower, she murmured, “For my dear mother who passed away two months ago.”  I was on the second row, about to sing with a small group at this hospice memorial service.  The poignant flower ritual was designed to honor and remember the deceased.

The vase eventually filled to overflowing – each flower representing a life lived.  I had a flash that one day, perhaps, my loved ones would place just such a flower in a vase to represent my life on earth.

Isn’t it easy, I mused, to lose perspective. How often do we get caught up in the daily dramas of ordinary living:  kids growing up, financial transactions, business deals, and the minor bruises of living.  Isn’t it easy to ‘forget’ that the biggest transition of them all – from life to death – could come anytime, with or without warning?

So, let us stop and savor life . . why wait for our loved ones to honor us when we are gone?  Let us resolve to breathe in the full spectrum of being and unfurl into the moment, one petal at a time.  Yes, one day we will be remembered, a daisy in a vase.  Today, however, is our time to bloom.

Expcerpted from the Newsletter,

Still Waters:  Tools and Resources for Living Deeply”

Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW is the author of

Shortcuts to Inner Peace: 70 Paths to Everyday Serenity”


“Transcending Loss:  Understanding the Lifelong Impact of Grief and How to Make it Meaningful”

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