It was 1989 . . . I was a young woman living in New York City.  The media blasted the shocking story for weeks, months, years: “The Central Park Jogger.”  She was a woman my age who went out jogging one night only to spend the next years fighting for her life.She was brutally assaulted, raped, bound, and left for dead, the victim of gang members out ‘wilding.’ Her survival odds were minimal.  I felt an obsession with her story, a kinship with this woman who had met with such calamity.Eventually the media moved on; years went by and I never really knew what happened to Trisha Meili.  But this week, 21 years later, I found myself listening to this quiet, petite, powerhouse of a woman at a conference on mind/body medicine.  Trisha was now a wife, author, and motivational speaker.She spoke about the outpouring of support and love she received.  She spoke about gratitude and the simple happiness of living in the moment.  I felt myself moved to tears by her courage and her brave journey that now held not one snippet of self-pity or anger.  She is an example of not just survival but transcendent triumph.  Today, I honor her.To receive Ashley’s weekly blog via email Click

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One thought on “Triumph

  1. EllaPr

    Although I couldn’t recall this woman’s name, I too remembered this incident. Thank you for the update on this inspiring, brave woman.

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