They’ve been after me for over a year now.  They call, they text, they send me offers in the mail.  My wireless phone company – who shall remain nameless – is desperately trying to persuade me to upgrade my cell phone.

The thing is, my current phone works perfectly.  I like its old fashioned flip top and I finally know how to use all of its simple functions.  Sure, sometimes I’m tempted to get a flashier model with all the bells and whistles, but do I really need it?

I’m aware that our consumer culture depends on my basic dissatisfaction with the stuff of my life.   A lot of energy is spent stimulating my insatiable desire for the newest and fanciest.  And I have, in fact, spent many years consuming, thinking that my life would be easier, happier or more fun through some acquisition.

These days, when I feel that old pattern of discontent begin to cloud my mind, I’m convinced that my best strategy is to upgrade my consciousness.  When I do that, my old mind, fueled by dissatisfaction falls away and I’m left with a new and quieter mind, fueled by contentment.

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2 thoughts on “Upgrade

  1. chipnoon

    Last week I had a dream that somebody had come and cleaned out my house of everything. I mean everything. I then stepped back and thought that it would be good to unburden myself of all my “stuff.” And now this blog post…I suppose I’m really getting a message here!

  2. Nancy

    Ah, the effects of marketing 101. Yes, there is the push to consume, the lure of bigger and better. While I’ve resisted temptation, acknowledged I have plenty with a sense of warmth and satisfaction, I have to admit I love, I mean totally love my hand me down Blackberry Curve. A friend was upgrading and offered me her downsize. Life changed in that instant. Yes, I am laughing at myself as I admit I want an iphone now! Thank you Ashley for the gentle reminder.

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