Greatest Gift of All

My teen daughters think the greatest gift of all is a 10 season set of the sitcom “Friends”.  There was a time when they thought the best gift was an American girl doll.   I too have spent quite a few Christmases wishing for a coveted piece of jewelry or a new tech toy.

But time, experience, and perhaps maturity have confirmed the Grinch’s hard learned lesson — that the best gifts come “…without packages, boxes, or bags!”  For those of us with a few decades under our belts, we know that the most satisfying gifts are ones that money can’t buy — such as good health, true love and inner peace.

Recently, however, I have come to recognize another gift, perhaps the greatest of all for me.  What can it be?  Simply put, it’s awareness of my thoughts — how the power of my mind can either allow the joy of this world into my heart or keep me distant from it.  In other words, it’s a gift of attitude, a gift of understanding  . . . that life’s joys don’t come from circumstances but from the thoughts I project.  I can focus on abundance or lack; I can focus on sickness or health.  And what I choose to focus on grows in power and intensity.

In the midst of this holiday season, many of us face truly difficult challenges.  Still, I believe that awareness of how our thoughts shape our experiences holds the key to being open to the joys of life.  We can notice our thoughts, question them, challenge and direct them.  This holiday, I wish you the gift of a mind working for you, interpreting your transitions as gifts, however they might be wrapped.

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