24 Shades of Red


My husband, Daniel, and I don’t often get a chance to do presentations together.  However, recently we did!  My friends and colleagues, Jane Warren and Bob Tomes of Vibrant Couples, invited us to participate with them and 22 other relationship experts to bring you an amazing and completely FREE online event: 24 Shades of Red: Reigniting Intimacy, Passion and Play!

This bold, provocative, deeply inspiring event runs February 6-14. Daniel and I will be featured on Saturday, February 8th.  Pre-register today and get access to some incredible bonus material that will only be available to those who get signed up before the event opens.

Discover the alternative to the same-old-same-old. Rediscover the thrill, the bliss and the passion. 

Join 24 Shades of Red: Reigniting Intimacy, Passion and Play  and you will:

    • Find proven techniques, poignant exercises and playful tips to help you immediately create more love, intimacy and connection in your life, whether you’ve been in the same relationship for 20 years or just starting out and wanting to make sure you keep it hot and happy.
    • Learn the rarely discussed keys to building and/or renewing intimacy, passion and play in the relationship that matters most in your life.
    • Discover tips and techniques for turning up the heat in your bedroom (as well as the kitchen, the living room and the garage)
    • Understand not just what these strategies are but why they work and why they’re so important to the health of your relationship.

Pre-register today and get immediate access to all the pre-registration bonus material.

Here’s to you and your thriving love life.

In peace,  Ashley

P.S. Do you know other couples who might enjoy this? Of course you do! PLEASE pass this on to them – you’ll be doing them a huge favor!

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