Simple Warmth

When 20 small children and 6 adult women are gunned down, life makes no sense.  What feels most difficult in a world that loves a cure, is that there is no ‘cure’ for such loss.  There is no way to cure death.  There is no way to cure the survivors of their lifelong grief.  There is no way to erase pain. Yet, even amidst cold and tragic loss there are things that express love and warmth.  There are thoughtful, touching, small acts of kindness –  there are anonymous expressions of sorrow and support –  there are flowers, food, cards, books, hugs, tears, and tokens of comfort – all these things offer warmth against a bitter cold. What an irony that often the worst moments in human history bring out the most tender moments in human nature.  When we open our hearts and connect out of love and empathy, we create a healing energy both large and enduring. Whole-hearted compassion is how we connect in a world that is often senseless; it is how we endure unspeakable loss.   And it’s how we heal when cures are impossible. I wish the grievers of Sandy Hook and through the world simple warmth in the midst of their tragedy. Excerpted from the Newsletter, “Still Waters:  Tools and Resources for Living Deeply” Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW is the author of “Shortcuts to Inner Peace: 70 Paths to Everyday Serenity” and “Transcending Loss:  Understanding the Lifelong Impact of Grief and How to Make it Meaningful”

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