’til Death Do Us Part

They come to the site broken by life, hearts crushed by emotional pain.  They have lost siblings, spouses, children, parents, best friends and lovers.  They come seeking support, assurance that they are not alone in their unbearable grief.

Last year, I began a “Transcending Loss” Facebook page and its growth has surprised me.  Today, over 1500 grievers from across the globe have joined in a collective sharing of the human condition.  And I have the profound privilege of connecting with them.

My heart is not only humbled by the rawness of human suffering but also uplifted by the presence of a courageous, resilient spirit.  I have always known that loss is the inevitable price tag for living, but knowing of its certainty does not make the experience easier to accept. 

There is, however, another certainty:  deep love never ceases – it transcends death.  You might call this fact the unexpected fine print, the loophole to what would otherwise be an intolerable contract.  We feel like we are parted from our loved ones by death – and yes, physically we are – but we need to remember that the gift of love continues even as the form of love changes.

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