When A Dream Is More Than A Dream

I was lying there with him on the blue rug in my home office.  He was youthful and energetic, kicking his furry legs out joyfully — a playful gesture that I had always called “Kangaroo Jack.”  I felt his fur.  I nuzzled his neck.  I smelled his earthy dog smell.  It was heavenly.

My daughter Elizabeth, who is away at college, walked in and sat down with us.  I said, excitedly, “I can’t believe that Hickory is here!”  Elizabeth answered, “I know, isn’t it great?  He’s visiting through the space-time continuum.”  Hmmmm.  I considered that . . . and then I woke up.

My first thought, upon waking, was I’m so happy that Hickory visited me!  I had been waiting and hoping that I would get some felt sense of him ever since we sent him to the Rainbow Bridge last December.  Upon reflection, I’m certain that he visited me in my dream.  And I know it was a gift.

Loving and losing is such a profound jolt to our mind, bodies, and spirits.  Whether we lose a beloved person or pet, it is the nature of the relationship that dictates how deeply we are affected.  I miss Hickory every day but I am elated that he came for a visit.  Next time, I’ll be sure to have biscuit ready for him.

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22 thoughts on “When A Dream Is More Than A Dream

  1. Catherine

    I have been dreaming of my Dad (he passed away suddenly in Sept 2010) quite often. In most of the dreams he doesn’t speak but in the last 2 he did. In one he brought me a black lab and kept asking if I liked it. In the last dream I asked him if his life was happy and he said “I had my wife and my kids.” Then I woke up. I used to be sad upon waking but now I am happy when I wake up from dreams of Dad because he came to see me.

  2. Norma Gorham

    Ashley, I am so happy your beloved dog came to you in a dream. As you know I believe with all my heart. It is interesting that George still visits me through dreams but is often in the background rather than being the dominant force. Hmmmmm!

  3. Karen Ellis

    I have had several wonderful dreams of my son, Joshua, who left us suddenly in Sept. 2011. And I write them all down. But one recently really sticks in my mind. He came to visit and we actually talked and laughed. And when he said he was leaving, and walking to his truck, I ran through the house calling his name. I reach him and tell him I love him, and he says, I know, you told me this before, and I say you don’t understand I truly love you, we hug each other so tightly and he says I love you too. I felt the hug, I actually felt his arms around me! It was the best feeling.

  4. Lynne

    A year and a half ago I lost my 14 year old dog, Sterling. He was my constant companion and saw me through some dark times and some joyous highs. His battle with cancer brought us closer than ever. I’ve had a long career as a fire-based paramedic and in that time I have been shot at twice, threatened more times than I remember, lost partners to accidents and suicide and illness, been in numerous fights with angry patients or bystanders and I can truthfully say I have never been more terrified than the night I realized that, this time, I could not save my dog. A year of intense grief followed and I found myself trying to decide if I was ready for a puppy. I couldn’t make up my mind and I was stuck. I had a dream that I was sitting in my yard and Sterling walked up, smiling his huge smile, and sat next to me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my face in his curly hair. I told him “I don’t ever want to lose you again. I’m so happy you’re back”. He said to me, very kindly and completely non judgmentally, “You know, you can decide now. You can have me here or you can have a puppy. But you can’t have both”. I had to make up my mind. I found I was not frantic about it, I was able to just look in my heart and see what was there without second-guessing myself. I said with certainty “A puppy. I want a puppy”. He smiled and said “We can visit this way any time you like”. I woke up knowing that even if I had said “I want you”, he still would have been fine with that, there was no judgement in that place, wherever we were. There was just overwhelming love.

    1. Ashley

      Dear Lynne, Wow! What an amazing experience. I know that Sterling will always be with you, irreplaceable. And I know that you have a big heart to share with some future puppy. Peace be with you, Ashley

  5. Donna

    I have had several dreams of my son since he died 4 years ago, and began a “dream journal” when they started. I want to remember every moment with him. In the dreams he has been various ages of his life, from toddler to teen to young adult. Dreams are the only way to experience him now, and perhaps vice versa. I believe they are visitations, I know they are cherished gifts.

  6. Judith Golightly

    I believe that God comforts us in different ways according to our needs. In my case, I had two very real dreams about my son Billy after he passed away. “In one dream, Billy was kissing his arms up and down. At first I wondered why he was doing that, but then I realized it was because he was happy that he was healed and that he had no more rashes on his body. Also, in this dream he told me that he prayed all the time. I wondered what he could be praying for. Then it came to me that he was praying for all of his loved ones that he had left behind.” (This is an excerpt from my book “Billy’s Story – Every Parent’s Nightmare – The Loss of a Child.”)

  7. Mark P

    I am joyed that you had such a pleasant experience through this higher consciousness.

    I lost my best friend, my pal, my heart and soul, this past April. My Dad filled my life with love, hope, joy and strength. Life has been a real challenge since his transition. I am now on a profound spiritual path that has been first in my life, above all else.

    Dad has come to me in my dreams on several occasions. I keep a Dream Journal next to my bed. About 3 weeks ago, he was lying in front of the fireplace on a sofa on a cold CT winter night. He was beautiful in all of his “being”. I was so elated to see him there when I came down the stairs from my room. It was surreal. I sensed his love and his glorious presence. He acknowledged my presence as well. I miss him here now and I missed him in that dream. Seeing him was such a gift. When I awoke, I was so grateful for his “visit”. Getting in a high vibrational state was so wonderful that I now wonder, “How able are we to foster that experience”?

    Thanks for allowing me to share.
    Mark P.

    1. Ashley

      Dear Mark,
      Thanks so much for sharing your amazing experiences. Being on a profound spiritual journey is an exciting path. I would suggest meditation and chanting as a way to help increase your visit to higher vibrational states! Wishing you peace, Ashley

  8. Kitty Hicks

    I so glad that Hickory came to visit. I remember after my husband John died a dream soon after when he was dancing me around a dance floor. From then on I knew he was at peace!
    Peace to you,

  9. Julie Saeger Nierenberg

    Thank you for this beautifully told story about your dream visit with Hickory. Having also lived a similar event, I’m not surprised to read your tale, Ashley. So unexpectedly, I was given a very vivid “dream” visit with my dad just a few days after he passed, truly a transformative experience that allowed me new perspectives I could have never imagined. It was both an interstellar and intracellular journey we shared as “lightbodies,” so much more than a dream! Intense joy — too much to contain in that disembodied state — called me back to real-time physical awakening. I am so grateful for that time I was able to share with my beloved dad.

  10. Tricia

    Hi Ashley, thank you very much for sharing your dream. My beloved Grandma passed away this past October after a brief battle with cancer. My family and I miss her so much, each and every day. Shortly after she passed, I had a dream that she was sitting in a chair in the middle of a party and we were all waiting for her to wake up. When she awoke, she was so pleased to see everyone there and she was smiling and laughing. I got to give her a big hug in the dream and it felt so real.

    I have since had a few more dreams in which she appears. I wish I could say that they are all as positive but I think they have reflected some waking concerns. The period from her diagnosis until her passing felt so brief. The date of her passing was unexpected and earlier than we all had anticipated. I had a period (or another period) of wishing that she had been around longer even though we are all so grateful that she didn’t suffer any more than the little she had until then. In my dream, I dreamt that she had been around longer and that her disease had progressed so much that she was very physically incapacitated and it hurt us so much to see her suffering so greatly. I was very disturbed when I awoke, but I now think that this dream has brought me some comfort – it might have provided a window into what her suffering could have been like had she indeed been around longer. It made me feel comfort that she didn’t suffer in this way, even if it meant we had to lose her sooner.

    These dreams and those that everyone has been sharing are so powerful. Thanks for sharing yours, Tricia

    1. Ashley

      Hi Tricia, That’s so interesting! I bet that ‘suffering’ dream helped you put her passing in context. We may have our own wishes and what we think of as our own agenda (that they live longer) but we really never know what’s in their best interest. We have to trust that things work out the way that they need to for the highest good (even if we cannot see that). Thanks for sharing! Ashley

  11. Daphne S

    I have had dreams about my Mom since her passing and I truly believe they visit us. I had a dream about my Mom and my grandpa shortly after her passing on March 6, 2012. They were both very happy to be with one another, they also said they missed all of us and that they wanted me to know she was ok.
    This other one isnt a dream, but one day was driving past the cemetery and spoke to my Mom as I always do, and at the very moment, I felt a very strong presence and my Mom’s image came into my mind, It was so overwhelming that I cried right then and there. I believe she has visited me several times since her passing.

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