Interdependence Day

Ah, the Fourth of July . . . hot dogs on the grill, brownies, fireworks, flags, and parades.  What a wonderful celebration of our ancestors’ break from the British Empire and the creation of a new nation.

Independence.  I’m surrounded by it everywhere.  My oldest daughter, working this summer, basically functions as a mini-adult in our midst.  My oldest son is in China, traveling for the first time without his family.  The younger teens press against the boundaries of their childhood on a daily basis.  Even my bunny won’t consider returning to her pen!

But how independent are any of us, really?  I can’t conceive of a single moment of my days that stand free and clear of a connection to others. Whether it’s cyberspace interactions, dependence on grocery stores and food manufacturers, or the easily taken for granted luxuries of electricity, healthcare, clothing, and education – I am living in a web of interconnection.

I’ve come to believe that independence is nothing but a grand illusion.  And besides, I love being connected to all of life, in ways both obvious and mysterious.  Being interconnected brings a wealth of riches, possibilities, and opportunities.  So I say, even as we rejoice in self government, let’s celebrate Interdependence day.

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