It’s All About Beauty

Where do you notice beauty?  Beauty is all around, but sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of it.

Beauty /ˈbyuti/ noun – a quality that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, often arising from the senses.

Once you start to train your senses to notice beauty – beautiful sights, beautiful sounds, beautiful feelings – you’ll get in the habit of experiencing and absorbing beauty every day.

Noticing beauty can be a meditation, it can be a prayer.

Try these simple, everyday practices to help boost your attention.  Let one of these become a habit and watch your level of gratitude grow.

The next time you’re in a restaurant

– notice the presentation of the food – really see colors, shapes, and texture.  The chef has gone to some effort to create a pleasing arrangement of delicacies.  Let yourself fully revel in the beauty of it.

The next time you pass a storefront

– shopkeepers intentionally create combinations of items, colors, and patterns to be attractive to the public.  Let yourself intentionally window shop, stopping to notice the beauty in the windows.

The next time you’re amongst trees

– look up to the sky through the limbs and notice the gorgeous pattern of branches and leaves against the sky.  Notice the light and shadow.  Listen for birdcall and whispering winds.  Nature favors us with beauty every single day.

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