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I am taking an on-line class on ‘Attention.’  I’ve been reminded that what we pay attention to tends to magnify.  One of the exercises was to spend the day noticing the color ‘blue.’  Amazing.  Blue popped out at me from every direction – the spines of books on the shelves, blue signs on the streets, blue in places I never knew.

I’ve noticed a similar phenomenon with my mind’s attention:  what I focus on grows.  This week, suffering from a persistent sinus infection, my mind has focused in nauseating detail on my own misery.  Have I noticed the glorious blooming magnolias? (maybe a little).  Have I noticed my own life filled with bounty and goodness? (not enough).

We all make choices about where to place our attention . . . what are you noticing today?

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2 thoughts on “Notice This

  1. JudyRinger

    Hi Ashley,
    Thanks again for your insight. The awareness that “what we pay attention to tends to magnify” is a major concept in aikido, the martial art I practice, and in my own teaching on conflict and communication skills. Once I “decide” that a coworker is unfriendly, for example, I begin to look for evidence that supports my judgment of her. And I will even miss the times she smiles or says hello. Following you suggestion, we might try to notice evidence that contradicts and we will see the friendliness and kindness in the same person. In this way, we create our reality from moment to moment.

  2. admin

    Very true Judy . . . thanks for your comment. Another aspect of aikido that I think is incredibly insightful is ‘thanking’ your opponent before you engage. We can make it a practice to ‘thank’ every experience for its lessons.

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