An Attitude of Gratitude

I just returned with my family from an overseas vacation.  Traveling as a party of two adults, four teenagers, and one child is no easy feat, but we had a wonderful time.  Adventures were a daily affair as we drove across Croatia, exploring medieval towns.  

Being away, I developed a palpable sense of gratitude.  There was gratitude for the simple things:  for a restaurant just when we needed food,for a clean bathroom (!), for a bed after a long day of plane rides.

photo by Oleg Prigoryanu

And there was gratitude for the bigger things as well:  for our good health, for our safety, and for our togetherness.


Sometimes in the midst of our daily routines, we slip into complacency.   We forget to be mindful of the miracles and gifts that surround us in the moment.  We take our blessings for granted, oblivious to the fact that our lives are less solid and less permanent than we’d like to believe.


As I return to the comforts and familiarities of home, I’m confronted with a growing ‘to do’ list, a grocery list and an errand list.  But I also emerge from my jet lag with a new list of appreciations.  This gratitude list is my new daily template – far more powerful than the others and hopefully, far more enduring.


Expcerpted from the Newsletter,

 “Still Waters:  Tools and Resources for Living Deeply”

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 “Transcending Loss:  Understanding the Lifelong Impact of Grief and How to Make it Meaningful”

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