Celebrating the Moment

Life is filled with lots of different kinds of moments. Some moments feel stressful and overwhelming. Some moments are heartbreakingly sad. A few moments are ‘million dollar moments’ — mountain top experiences — such as weddings, births of children, graduations, promotions . . . or book launches.

For me, I’m thrilled to launch a book (on 11/1/11) for the first time in a decade. Like other ‘million dollar moments’, this one is fraught with a complex mixture of excitement, exhaustion, expectation, and a little anxiety. And like most moments, it will come and it will go.

I have found that while the big moments stand out in memory, it’s actually the smaller ‘penny moments’ that really add richness to my life. Noticing and savoring simple pleasures – a cornflower blue sky, a hug from a loved one, a phone chat with an old friend, hot tea on a chilly evening – these offer cause for quiet jubilation. Life offers its gifts moment by ordinary moment.

A few years ago, my husband and I began choosing sparkling wine on our evening restaurant dates. Often the waiter will ask us if we are celebrating anything special. “Yes,” we answer, “This moment.” Let’s celebrate.

Expcerpted from the Newsletter,

 “Still Waters:  Tools and Resources for Living Deeply”

Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW is the author of

Shortcuts to Inner Peace: 70 Paths to Everyday Serenity”


 “Transcending Loss:  Understanding the Lifelong Impact of Grief and How to Make it Meaningful”

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