Let’s Celebrate

With five kids and a ‘village’ of in-laws within shouting distance, there is always a celebration to anticipate.   It seems as if we are always planning a party, a toast, or some holiday gathering.

I love celebrations. I remember when I decided to choose champagne over white wine as a regular drink.  “Why wait for a special celebration?” I mused, “Why only use the good china on special days?”

Still, there are days that feel foggy and dark . . . days when I’m tired or sick of the too long New England winter.  It’s on those days, especially, when I try to remember the value of celebration. Isn’t my good health cause to rejoice? What about the gifts of food, warmth, and running water?  Isn’t every day magical with a loved one near?

Recently, when Dan and I were having champagne in a restaurant, the waiter asked, “Is it a special occasion?”  Dan answered, “Yes, we’re celebrating life.”  Truly, every day has some cause for celebration.  So let’s celebrate!

Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW is the author of

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