Snow Day

I gaze out my window and I see only snow . . . a wall of winter white . . . and the world shut down.  Schools and airports are closed.  Doctors and dentists have nothing but cancellations.  Retailers hibernate.

And once the storm has passed, we are launched into work:  snow blowing, shoveling, salting, and plowing.  I’m reminded that snow days, like grief, require a persistent energy.

When we grieve, the world stops.  We hunker down and pull the covers over our heads.  We hunger for warmth in the darkness, paralyzed by the storm.  And yet, there is so much aftermath to cope with, draining us of our energy.

After awhile, spring creeps in bit by bit, acute pain fading to a more subtle grief.  Miraculously, for those with deliberate intention, a transcendent summer may follow.  But today, it snows – part of nature’s plan, inevitable on this earth.  As best I can, I accept it . . . and sit with a cup of tea by the fire.

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