Is it my imagination or is it getting darker earlier now than November of last year?  My kids are coming home in twilight.  People are driving home from work in the dark.  Somehow the end of daylight savings time still blindsides me every year (like seeing Christmas decorations in the stores on Halloween … really?).

My gut response to the encroaching blackness is ‘oh no … not enough daylight’.  By 7pm it feels like midnight as I yawn my way into the evening.  I’ve been known to turn on every light in the house, which causes a little scowling from my energy conscious husband (and a whole lotta turning lights off).

My strategy this year is simply to embrace the darkness.  Well … or at least to tolerate it without too much grousing.  I dine by candlelight for every dinner.  I go to bed earlier and wake up earlier (Ben Franklin would be proud).  And I add seasonal lighting to my front porch.

I’m realizing, with the wisdom of advancing middle age, that whenever I wage war with reality, I lose.  And so I cordially invite the darkness into my afternoons and my long, long evenings.  I hunker down in hibernation … and only occasionally can be heard humming “Let the sunshine in …”

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